A beautifully illustrated adventure into magical memories for you and your little ones.

Captivating its young readers, Margot & The Magical Plant picture book shares the achievement and pleasure of growing your own.

Hello From Margot!

Welcome to my magical world!

When you sow seeds, you need to take care of them to watch them blossom and grow.

I had so much fun growing my magical plant and I can’t wait for you to come and join me!


I know that life often runs away with us and finding moments to enjoy new and interesting activities takes time and effort – It has taken me almost ten years to turn my idea for this book into reality!

Searching for quality time is difficult,  yet equally, we all want to share in that experience because we know how good it makes everyone feel.

“Over the years  I loved spending time in the garden and the children have too!”

This is why I felt so inspired to put this book together – something to help busy adults find a simple way of spending time with their families that is educational yet lots of fun, and creating good times that you can look back on for years to come. Join Margot in the story and plant those tomato seeds. They will grow anywhere, even in a cup on a windowsill… so no excuses! The story has humour,  it will nuture their imagination and on the very last page you add a photograph… which is why this is more than a story book,  it is your story too.


This lovely story fits well with the national curriculum and will engage early readers with its humour and beautiful illustrations.  Encouraging their curiosity to learn colours, shapes and life cycles with the added edition of self achievement through growing their own tomato plant.


The surprises are there to be seen – follow Margot in the garden as she puzzles and wonders what her plant is growing.

The fun planting the Tomato seeds and watching them grow from seedlings to plants, just like Margot does in the story.



I hope this little memory making book, with its place for your own tomato photograph at the back will be something to treasure for years to come.

About The Author

As a youth worker for 20 years and with 3 of my own, I have been fortunate enough to have spent much of my life surrounded by children. 

My ethos for young children is learning through fun – a visual, informal education to inspire children to develop their curiosity and to want to know more.  A Simple activity engaging family or friends adds to the magical years of childhood and this is why this book comes from me to you.

Follow Margot’s exciting new plant adventure. Watch as the mystery seeds grow and change along the way – as if by magic! You can even finish the story with a photograph of your very own magical plant. A perfect summertime journey of discovery, with plenty of laughs and giggles along the way.

some little seeds for you sow… 

soon you will see tomatoes grow!

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Are you an organisation that is excited to watch children blossom as you sow the seeds of knowledge for our newest horticultural lovers?

Going outdoors and gardening is great for our body & mind, so why not promote your outdoor events with garden pails of colour and Margot’s magical touch!

Please do get in touch, as we can supply tomato seeds, flyers and other promotional materials to encourage our special little people to get involved and grow their seeds and their confidence whilst enjoying bags of creativity and wheelbarrows of fun!

We are excited to support gardening as a wonderful way to well-being, so if you are thinking of holding a planting event and would like to add some more fragrance, colour and of course, a sprinkle of Margot Magic, then please do get in touch!

Primary School

author visits

 Bring the story of Margot alive with a visit by the author.

The visits are fun and educational. Encouraging children in reception and infants to learn the importance of reading and writing and encouraging their amazing imagination. 

The day can be tailor made to suit the schools needs and activities will be brought along for the pupils in each class.

Jane Rhodes is also available for Book Signings – Please email us with your event details.


The day was amazing – The children loved the experience, they could not  believe a ‘real life’ author came to our school. Jane also asked the children if they had any ideas for future stories and the children relished the opportunity. The children were thrilled by the experience and still talk about Jane Rhodes visiting our classroom.
Louise Gregory

Year Two teacher Louise Gregory - Ryane primary school.

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